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The LEED Green Building Rating System TM is a voluntary credit-based certification program used to accelerate the development and implementation of green building practices. The LEED rating system has become an international benchmark for environmentally sustainable building practices. The LEED rating system acknowledges performance in five major areas: sustainable site development, energy efficiency, materials selection, water savings, and indoor environmental quality.

Our manufacturing process is designed to help customers earn LEED points in every way possible. Whether the project is for re-design, renovation, or entirely new construction, Standard Carpets offers a variety of products that meet the most stringent environmental criteria. Actively promoting green building practices, Standard Carpets has the capability to provide environmental efficiency on multiple platforms.

The LEED Green Building Rating System

See how your building can earn more Leed
points with our carpets

Available LEED Credit Standard’s Contribution Potential LEED Points
MR Credit 4.2/4.1 Standard Carpets Recova® and Ecoshield tie backing options are composed of post-consumer recycled content. Contribution of 1 point for Recova®Backing (11% post-consumer recycled) and 2 points for Ecoshield backing (42% post-consumer recycled)
MR Credit 5.2/5.1 Factories located in both Sharjah and Dubai Industrial Cities Contribution of 1 point for all projects located within 500 miles of our manufacturing site
EQ Credit 4.1 All Standard Carpets adhesives are compliant with SCAQMD #1168 Contribution of 1 point
EQ Credit 4.3 All Standard Carpets heavy contract products are certified to the CRI Green Label Plus program. Earn 1 full point
Innovation Credit Standard Carpets complies with the Environmental management system ISO 900|:2000,OHSAS18001:2007& ISO| 400| :2004 Contribution of up to 4 points
All USGBC and LEED information powered from USGBC website and current LEED documentation. LEED requirements subject to change. For more information please visit www.usgbc.org.

Why choose Standard Carpets?

  1. With three different tile backing options, Standard Carpets Recova® (I I % post-consumer recycled) and Ecoshield Backing (42% post-consumer recycled) can help earn points in the area of recycled content.
  2. Standard Carpets can contribute up to a point for all projects located less than 500 miles from either of our manufacturing sites.
  3. All adhesives used at Standard Carpets contain a VOC limit less than 50g/L. For our Carpet tiles specifically, we use a Laybond L79 Tackifier which has a VOC content less than 1g/L.
  4. All heavy contract carpet produced at Standard Carpets meet the requirements of the CRI Green Label Plus Program.
  5. Standard Carpets complies with the Environmental management system ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004. Products approved to a third party standard for sustainability can be awarded up to 4 points for their compliance.

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Backing Options


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