Our Process

Through a passion for quality craft and ever-evolving technology.

Efficiency and flexibility are the mainstays behind every process at Standard Carpets. Our carpets can be customized to suit every requirement of our customers. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do and we insist on offering flooring solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The five pillars of our processes are:


Value Engineering

We are driven by our mission to provide excellent value through innovative products of superior quality and aim to become a global reference point for machine-tufted carpets.



Advanced Technology

We use only the latest in carpet making technology and equipment like the in-house yarn extruding, twisting-cabling and heat-set facilities, and state of the art pattern-making, tufting lines and finishing processes to meet all our customer demands.


Vertical Integration

As a vertically integrated company, Standard Carpets guarantees attention to every stage of the manufacturing process. Owning the entire process enables us to offer flexible, creative and customized solutions to our clients. From raw materials to finished products, we ensure complete quality control at every level and deliver premium products consistently.



Solution Dyeing

Our commitment to quality begins with our decision to produce only yarn that is colored and extruded using the advance solution dyeing method, which blends the color pigment directly into the fiber during production and offers the following advantages when compared with other dyeing methods:

  • Virtually no water pollution
  • Unrivaled color-fastness
  • Superior resistance to fading
  • Excellent resistance to UV and heat
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Anti-soil & anti-microbial treatments


In-House Design

At Standard Carpets, we believe in innovation and creativity. Combining high-performance technology with craftsmanship, our in-house team creates original and unique designs to suit every taste and requirement.


Committed To The Future

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