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Easy to maintain and quick to install, Carpet tiles are an obvious choice for endless applications. Our modular carpet tiles combine the comfort and luxury of traditional broadloom carpets with the adaptability and robustness of ceramic tiles. With minimal waste during installation, tiles are widely considered an environmentally-friendly flooring solution.

A modular design which allows for a distinctive method of construction makes the carpet tiles from Standard Carpets truly unique. Standard Carpets tiles have three main components: the face fibre, the primary backing, and the secondary backing.

The face is top of the Carpet tile, the portion which is exposed to wear and tear from traffic, dirt, spills and UV rays. To protect the Carpet tiles from these factors, Standard Carpets uses a special solution dyed nylon and olefin as the face fibre for all of our carpet tiles.

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Construction Sizes

Construction Sizes

This gives the designer the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom to create the perfect look for any space.

Carpet Tile Fibres

Carpet Tile Fibres

Solution Dyed Nylon

Considered to be one of the most durable fibres used in the carpet industry today, solution dyed nylon gives superior protection against stains, crushing and UV rays. All Carpet tiles made with solution dyed nylon by Standard Carpets come with a full 10-year warranty.

Solution Dyed Olefin

Solution dyed olefin offers almost all the advantages of solution dyed nylon, but at a affordable cost. It provides excellent protection against stains and UV rays and is also quite resistant to crushing which can be caused by heavy foot traffic. All Carpet tiles made with solution dyed olefin by Standard Carpets comes with a 7-year warranty.

Solution Dyed Olefin

Carpet Tile Backing

In keeping with our drive to increase sustainability, Standard Carpets has developed two environmentally-friendly backing systems, Recova and Ecoshield. We also offer our proprietary fiberglass backing, Stableshield, which combines the superior dimensional stability of fiberglass with the robustness of high-quality vinyl. Offering great freedom of design, Carpet tiles can be laid in limitless combinations of patterns and colors, making your floor one of a kind.


RECOVA® - our patented technology combines a multilayer composite structure with a thermoset co-polymer chemistry and a RECOVA® thermoset polyurethane cushion, reinforced with fibre glass.


ECOSHIELD® backing is made with 100% calendar recycled vinyl, reinforced with fibre glass. It offers extreme flexibility and outstanding performance.


Carpet Tiles from Standard Carpets come with our exclusive StableShield® backing. Combining the superior dimensional stability of fiberglass with the robust protective qualities of high quality vinyl, the Carpet tiles are extremely durable, stable and easy to install.


EcoShield® Tiles

To be at the forefront of the sustainable carpet movement, we continually strive to develop new technology. Our newest and most exciting tiles are Recova® and EcoShield®.

To develop a fully sustainable 100% recycled backing system, Standard Carpets teamed up with Tarkett, a leading manufacturer of vinyl sheets in Europe. Tarkett recycles over 77,000 tons of vinyl per year from scrap collected from post installation sites in accordance with REACH norms. Tarkett has a reputation for producing some of the finest vinyl flooring in the world and we are proud to be associated with a company that's known for its high standard of quality.

EcoShield Tiles

Our RECOVA® Technology

Our patented RECOVA® technology combines a multi-layer composite structure featuring thermoset co-polymer chemistry and a RECOVA® thermoset polyurethane cushion. The combination results in a modular system that’s both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. Featuring the most stable tufting platform, RECOVA® exhibits superior resiliency with virtually no detectable VOCs and no 4PCH.

Our RECOVA Technology

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