At Standard Carpets, we have spent 20 years creating a pattern. A pattern of bold decisions, innovative solutions and technical expertise that have propelled us to be the largest manufacturer of carpets in Dubai, UAE. Offering wide varieties of broadloom, carpet tile and artificial grass, Standard Carpets hosts one of the world’s largest carpet manufacturing facilities and is the regions largest producer of vinyl-backed carpet tiles.


Standard Carpets has been known for its unique and exquisite design, quality manufacturing, and reliable professional service. Our customers look for top quality service in design, planning, and beautiful carpet.Our team is right there alongside each step of the way to help reach design visions from design in-spiration to physical sample to flooded plans to the shipping dock.


At Standard Carpets, we seek to find new ways to serve our customers better, every day. Through ambition and hard work, we are driven by a common goal: to provide value. Value through innovative products, superior quality, efficient service and a committed support is how we exceed customer expectations day in and day out.


Through innovating products and exceeding customer demand, in just 20 years we have built an export market spanning 64 countries across 6 continents. With over 1000 varieties of broadloom, carpet tile and artificial grass combined our products are used in a variety of spaces and engineered to last in every situation.