Greens from Standard Carpets brings to you a selection of synthetic grasses which are suitable for both landscaping and other specialized purposes like sport fields, be it hockey, football, or tennis, as well as multi-usage purposes.

  • The impetus for producing artificial grass came about because our roots lie in the land of deserts. We saw the need for artificial grass in the dry and arid climate of our home region. We continue to intensively study and do research to create a product that looks as real as natural grass, but needs minimal maintenance.
  • Low maintenance: Save on tools and labor contracts with no need to mow, weed or patch
  • Weather Resistant : UV stabilized and waterproof artificial grass remains flawless rain or shine
  • Irrigation Free : Eliminate concerns of adequate water supply
  • Zero Additives : Enjoy lush landscape without the need of fertilizers or pesticides
  • Big Savings : Save time, money and resources and choose artificial grass



With extremely low-maintenance costs and a lengthy life span, Standard Carpets synthetic grasses are the best option for all your landscaping requirements. Made with UV-resistant yarns that are soft to the touch, it has the look and feel of lush green grass.


Standard Carpets multi-purpose turf system is designed for the playing style characteristic of both hockey and football.


Manufactured according to FIH (International Hockey Federation) Global classification guidelines, our synthetic hockey turf is what you need for water-based turf systems. The UV-resistant turf gives you a consistent ball roll, permanent lines in the correct position and is also easy and cost effective to maintain.


Standard Carpets synthetic football turfs are manufactured to provide the optimum playing surface for soccer and follows stringent European quality standards. With the artificial football turfs from Standard Carpets, you can play all day, every day. Extremely low in maintenance costs and highly durable even with heavy usage, the UV-resistant turf remains green throughout its lifespan.


Standard Carpets tennis turf is economical to install, highly durable, and has low labour requirements when compared to a natural surface. With a feel that’s similar to natural grass, the loose top playing surface also gives the 'slide' which is favored by players. The all-weather surface is ideal for indoors and outdoors and has permanent tufted lines.

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